At TAMKEEN LABS,  we have the drive to achieve audacious health goals in four critical areas.


Helping people of determination everywhere to live independently with dignity.


Early detection  and tracking  of intracranial haemorrhage


One in every four people in the world suffers from mental health disorders. Digital technology could provide an opportunity to change this


Deliver quality care to everyone regardless of location or income.

Tamkeen Labs was the Finalist at Special Olympics Innovation Challenge | Sponsored by Mubadala and Softbank Investment Advisors 

Frequently asked questions

So, what does Tamkeen Labs do?

Tamkeen Labs partners with Healthcare entrepreneurs worldover and markets these products/solutions in the Middle East. Our Focus areas are assistive tech, brain health, mental well being and access to care. We will shortly launch our complete website. Meanwhile, you can also request for a product deck that gives details on our current products & solutions. write to: asheikh@tamkeenlabs.com

How do you partner? Do you invest?

We partner for sales in the middle east. No, we do not invest.

Are you looking for Investment? What Stage are you at?

We'd be happy to hear from you, share our pitch deck and discuss more on this. Write to us at asheikh@tamkeenlabs.com or fill the form on this website and we'll call back.

I know a great company who can partner with you. What’s the best way to refer them to you?

We'd be happy to hear from them, call or write to us (asheikh@tamkeenlabs.com or fill the form on this website)

Are you operational? Have you started Selling?

Yes we began a year ago. We have the UAE Federal government entity as our customer. Our primary focus is business development and partnerships at this stage.


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